BI and Revenue
“Instead of success secrets, we have experience and management ability.”
Revenue Management is much more than managing OTAs or yielding prices. It is a culture that involves the entire organization, aligning it in the definition and implementation of a strategy that optimizes inventory, channel mix and price structure to make the most of each room or seat at the restaurant. The implementation of a Revenue Management system is complex, but the gains are huge.
  • Revenue Management;
  • Revenue Management Implementation;
  • Training and Coaching.
Pedro Almeida
BI and Revenue Management
A professional with over ten years of Revenue Management experience in several leading hospitality groups. In the regional division of Starwood Hotels, in Ireland, he offered support to over 800 properties worldwide in the area of reservations, and started the Guest Communication Office to supervise and support CRM initiatives on the EAME and APAC divisions. At Hotéis Real group, José Pedro led the implementation of a world-class revenue management practice. He was also Business Intelligence Director at Campo Real Resort. José Pedro is the founder and Managing Partner of XLR8 and leads the BI and Revenue Management Achievement Center of BlueShift.
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