Head of Blueshift Design
With a Master degree in Communications and New Media by Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, she was a communication designer and head of communication at Instituto Piaget. She conceived and developed campaigns for corporate communication, events and promotion of education services and editorial products. Adriana also performed management roles in purchasing, corporate identity development and communication plan supervision, both at a national and an international level. Currently, she leads BlueShift Design, the first creative agency focused on hospitality and food & beverage outlets. She also steers the Creative Services Achievement Center at BlueShift.
  • CREATIVE BRANDING - Brand design for hotels/resorts
    Ideal for those who want to innovate in hospitality and build their brand.
    Each hotel unit tells a story and sits in a unique location. The Creative Services achievement centre develops new ideas and materializes the concept through its various applications (logo, the definition of look & feel stationary application, internal and external disclosure materials, among others). In addition to graphically developing the whole concept, ensures its correct implementation.
    - Brand strategy
    - Brand identity
    - Brand implementation
    - Internal and external disclosure materials
  • CREATIVE FRANCHISE - International Brand Standards Implementation
    Ideal for those who chose to franchise a hotel brand.
    International hotel groups set specific brand standards for each area of the hotel. The correct application of the standards is fundamental to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the brand internationally, since internal audits must guarantee this quality.
    Brand standards implementation:
    - Stationary
    - Internal materials for each hotel area
    - External disclosure materials
    - Signage
    - Advertising
    - Websites
    - Newsletters
    - Email
    - Social media
  • CREATIVE DINING - Restaurant and bar branding specialists
    Ideal for those who want to create or renovate their brand in the restaurant business.
    In the competitive world of hospitality, it is essential that restaurants and bars stand out, not only for the quality of food, but also for their look and personality. Recognition of the brand begins before the experience itself, either by recommendation of friends, by online research, through social media or others. The way we remember the brand goes through the creation of an excellent visual identity where everything is harmonious and are created attractive and concise pieces.
    - Brand creation and development
    - Brand applications in materials and uniforms
    - Websites
    - Newsletters
    - Banners
    - Social media
  • CREATIVE EVENTS - Communication design for events
    Ideal for anyone planning to promote an event.
    A hotel, as a rule, develops events / activities for its guests throughout the year. The disclosure of these events, both online and in the unit itself is paramount for the success of the actions.

    - Festive seasons (New Year's Eve, Easter, Valentine's Day)
    - Packages of experiences (eg wine tasting, theme dinners)
    - Thematic packages (eg Romantic weekend, birthdays)
    - Golf championships
    - Participation in fairs
    - Product launches
    - Event image development
    - Application of image in promotional materials
    - Posters, brochures, brochures
    - Advertising: outdoors, mupis, ads
    - Website and social media banners
    - Websites
    - Landing pages
    - Newsletters
    - Email
We have created a positive impact on hospitality and tourism through design excellence
Building consistent and differentiating brands has been a major challenge for Creative Services. By betting on the creativity and unity of each project, the synergy between this area and the other achievement centres makes the result stand out and gain relevance to the competitors.
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