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Identify talent, build teams and develop their potential. How far do you want to go?

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Identify talent, build teams and develop their potential. How far do you want to go?

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“Why BlueShift? I would simply say that it was your ability to convert all of our requirements and brand standards into simple guest experience, focusing on delivering maximum financial benefits to our individual owners. Our choice of BlueShift as our exclusive Managing Partner for Portugal was based on our common passion for hospitality, because we recognize its tenacity in dealing with the constant changes of priorities and its indisputable track record for developing high quality Hotels and Resorts very profitable. We see tremendous potential in investing the future together with BlueShift.”
Brian Mills
“Deep knowledge of the critical success factors in hotel management as well as relational skills that have allowed us to develop and deepen a strong team spirit among hotel employees and introduce a culture of customer orientation. In short, I think BlueShift can be a very interesting partner in the restructuring / revitalization processes of hotel units”
Joaquim Goes
Administrator |Blue & Green
“I would like to thank everyone for their important contribution to the WWF event. Their presentation, as well as all the explanations they provided, were spectacular and undoubtedly enhanced the event. Thank you very much for your initiatives and energy. I was positively impressed about the way they work.”
Elmar Derkitsch
President of the Marriott Council Board
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